Flavia Coffee Machines

Not everyone who comes into the office wants water. In addition to bottled watercoolers and plumbed-in watercoolers, drinkworks also supplies state-of-the-art Flavia® coffee machines.

The machines can either be mains-fed or unplumbed (the water has to be hand-poured into the 2.5l capacity tank) and are available with a number of add-ons, including a coin-operated pay pod, a base cabinet for storage and a ‘merchandiser’ which holds over 700 drink pods, stirrers and sugar.

The benefits to your business are immediate and obvious –

  • The Flavia® machines are sleek and ergonomic and are suitable for all office locations
  • They are easy to use and leave no mess
  • Coffee machines are far more carbon neutral than switching a kettle on and off dozens of times a day
  • Machines are available to rent or buy
  • drinkworks can supply the drinks only if you already have a machine

We also have a comprehensive range of Flavia’s® café-style hot drinks including coffees, teas and hot chocolate –

Roasted & Blended Coffee – Smooth Roast, Rich Roast, Mild Roast, Italian Roast, Décaféiné, Espresso Roast

Origins Coffee – Kenya, Colombia, Sumatra

Flavoured Coffee – Hazelnut

Speciality Coffee – Cappuccino/Latte Swirl, Mars® Swirl

Hot Chocolate – Choco

Tea – Earl Grey, English Breakfast, English Breakfast Decaf, Malawi Garden, Selection, Royal Blend

Green & Flavoured Tea – Japanese Green Tea, Green Tea with Jasmine, Exotic Chai

Herbal Tea – Peppermint, Raspberry Spark, Rooibos, Lemon Calm

For more information about our range of coffee machines and drinks, please call 020 8429 1314 or email us using the form on the contact us page.

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