Plumbed-in watercoolers

Plumbed-in watercoolers (often known as ‘mains-fed’ or ‘point of use’ watercoolers) from drinkworks deliver fresh, crisp and chilled filtered water on demand.

Of exceptional benefit to offices with medium to high use (15-20+ staff), drinkworks’ plumbed-in watercoolers offer a wide range of benefits, including –

  • More cost-effective than bottled watercoolers for higher use, plus you save money on ordering bottles at the same time reducing your carbon footprint
  • The flow of filtered water is constant. You will never run out, even during hot summers
  • All drinkworks watercoolers are fitted with filters that filter out 99% of chlorine, herbicides, pesticides and any particulate that may be present in older pipes
  • There are no heavy water bottles to be carried or stored
  • The plumbed-in watercoolers are stylish, compact, unobtrusive and robust and are suitable for the vast majority of offices and reception areas
  • drinkworks takes care of plumbing, installation and configuration and we can also supply you with your plastic cups
  • The filters need to be changed every six months and we can offer you an on-going and cost-effective service contract
  • The environmental benefits include no plastic bottles and less packaging, reduced electricity consumption in terms of a constantly opening and closing fridge as well as reduced wastage – when you fill up a glass from a plumbed-in watercooler, you aren’t letting the tap run waiting for water cold enough to drink

drinkworks’ plumbed-in watercoolers need to be located within 15m of a mains supply and require a power point and an incoming water supply. An optional 10-litre tank hidden in the base of the coolers drains the drip trays and sets of an electronic alarm to let the customer know they require emptying.

borg & overström <br />UNITE
The borg & overström UNITE is the most stylish Point Of Use (POU, or plumbed-in) water cooler on the market today. READ MORE
ACIS <br />FT40 Series
The ACIS FT40 is one of the most stylish, ergonomically-designed plumbed-in watercoolers available today and is a perfect fit for any corporate environment. READ MORE
ACIS <br />500 Series
The ACIS 520 Series of Point Of Use (POU, or plumbed-in) water coolers are a perfect fit for all corporate environments. READ MORE
borg & overström <br />CLASSIC
The borg & overström CLASSIC is a stylish Point Of Use (POU, or plumbed-in) water cooler that offers outstanding value for money. READ MORE
borg & overström <br />ELITE
The borg & overström ELITE is a stylish top-of-the-range Point Of Use (POU, or plumbed-in) water cooler with advanced features. READ MORE
Winix <br />5 Series
The Winix 5 Series is a very high quality durable Point Of Use (POU, or plumbed-in) water cooler. READ MORE

drinkworks has a comprehensive range of stylish, unobtrusive free-standing plumbed-in water coolers to rent or buy for all budgets from the world’s leading manufacturers. Click through to the individual product descriptions to read about them in more detail, then call 020 8429 1314 or email us using the form on the contact us page to discuss costs and delivery options.

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