Water Cooler Rental

We offer long term and short term water cooler rental for homes and offices within the M25. drinkworks supply a comprehensive range of bottled water coolers and offer ongoing maintenance as part of your rental plan. One of our engineers will visit on site and ensure that your water machine is sterile and working as expected. Any problems with your water cooler are immediately fixed or if a repair cannot be made then we will replace the entire unit at no extra charge. Of course we also sell water coolers should you wish to buy. We are leaders in the market with over 40 years working in the water delivery market. Our reputation and growth is fundamentally based on a commitment to excellence and a service our customers continually rely on. We are making daily deliveries across London to a large satisfied client base. We have an uncompromising commitment to maintaining high standards is all areas of our business.

Fast & Efficient Delivery

Our delivery vans are always out on delivery so even if you run out and are in a bit of a panic we can deliver next day. Most of our customers respond to communications that are sent out to find out if you need water delivered and we organise our deliveries each day to get water to you as quickly and as efficiently as we can.

The Health Benefits of Drinking Water

The maths is simple. Most people pass, on average, around 1.5 litres a day with an additional litre of fluid lost in breathing and sweating. If those 2.5 litres aren’t replaced, you become dehydrated. Approximately 20% of your water comes in food form so the rule of thumb is to drink two litres a day. Naturally this is dependent on what you do. If you’re office-based, two litres is generally OK but if you exert a lot of energy or you do a lot of sports, your water requirements will differ quite dramatically and you should either consult your doctor or a specialist.
  • Water helps you lose weight. It breaks down fat cells faster and it contains zero calories
  • Water rehydrates your brain, reducing headaches and back pain
  • Water increases skin elasticity, hydrates your skin and flushes toxins out of your body
  • Water makes you more productive at work by making you more alert and focussed
  • Water raises your metabolism and helps with digestion
  • Water hydrates joints and muscles which reduces the likelihood of cramps and sprains
  • Water makes you feel healthy, refreshed, clear-headed and happier

Bottled Water Cooler Rental

Oasis Quartz
The Oasis Quarrtz is an ergonomically designed bottled water cooler available in a range of colours and custom finishes. READ MORE
Oasis RFX
Available in a range of stylish colour options, the Oasis RFX is one of our most popular bottled water coolers. READ MORE
Oasis Tall RR
The Oasis Tall RR is a sleek, low profile bottled water cooler perfect for any corporate environment. READ MORE
Winix 7 Series
The Winix 7 Series is a drinkworks classic, offering all the functionality at an outstanding price point. READ MORE

Plumbed in Water Cooler Rental

borg & overström <br />UNITE
The borg & overström UNITE is the most stylish Point Of Use (POU, or plumbed-in) water cooler on the market today. READ MORE
ACIS <br />FT40 Series
The ACIS FT40 is one of the most stylish, ergonomically-designed plumbed-in watercoolers available today and is a perfect fit for any corporate environment. READ MORE
ACIS <br />500 Series
The ACIS 520 Series of Point Of Use (POU, or plumbed-in) water coolers are a perfect fit for all corporate environments. READ MORE
borg & overström <br />CLASSIC
The borg & overström CLASSIC is a stylish Point Of Use (POU, or plumbed-in) water cooler that offers outstanding value for money. READ MORE
borg & overström <br />ELITE
The borg & overström ELITE is a stylish top-of-the-range Point Of Use (POU, or plumbed-in) water cooler with advanced features. READ MORE
Winix <br />5 Series
The Winix 5 Series is a very high quality durable Point Of Use (POU, or plumbed-in) water cooler. READ MORE
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