Water Dispenser Bottles

Our bottled water comes from a natural spring drawn deep beneath the Warwickshire countryside and tastes much fresher, cleaner and crisper than tap water. If you have run out of bottled water or are getting low on water call drinkworks. We will deliver additional bottles within 24hrs to your home or office within London.

To maintain the clean fresh nature of our water all our water coolers use 90cm of natural rock strata to filter your chilled water.

Bottled Water Accessories

We also supply a number of accessories including plastic cups and 4/6 tier bottle racks to neatly stack your bottled water. Keep it out of the way and off the floor of your home or office. Our racks use up minimal space and take water bottles from 11-19 litres.

The Importance of Staying Hydrated

Did you know that employees who drink the recommended amount of water per day are more much more productive and take less sick days. If you drink even 10% less of your daily recommended amount of water your physical and mental performance can be reduced to a staggering 30%

Approximately 20% of your water comes in food form so the rule of thumb is to drink two litres a day. Naturally this is dependent on what you do. If you’re office-based, two litres is generally OK but if you exert a lot of energy or you do a lot of sports, your water requirements will differ quite dramatically. You should either consult your doctor or a specialist about recommended intake.

  • Water helps you lose weight. It breaks down fat cells faster and it contains zero calories
  • Water rehydrates your brain, reducing headaches and back pain
  • Water increases skin elasticity, hydrates your skin and flushes toxins out of your body
  • Water makes you more productive at work by making you more alert and focussed
  • Water raises your metabolism and helps with digestion
  • Water hydrates joints and muscles which reduces the likelihood of cramps and sprains
  • Water makes you feel healthy, refreshed, clear-headed and happier

Comprehensive Range of Water Coolers

We have a comprehensive range of unobtrusive, stylish, free-standing watercoolers from the world’s leading manufacturers to rent or buy and available for all budgets. Read more about our water coolers here.

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