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Water Coolers Home Counties

Water coolers from drinkworks are the perfect addition to any office and the benefits of a state-of-the-art water coolers from drinkworks are immediate –

Bottled Water Coolers Home Counties

  • Bottled water from a natural spring drawn deep beneath the Warwickshire countryside tastes fresher, cleaner and crisper than tap water
  • drinkworks’ bottled watercoolers can be located anywhere in the office without the need for mains plumbing
  • No chemicals are used to filter drinkworks’ bottled water, just 90m of underground natural rock strata
  • drinkworks’ bottled watercoolers are fully portable and can be moved to a different location in the office with ease
  • Employees who drink the recommended daily amount of water are more productive, healthier and take less sick days
  • If you drink up to 10% less than the RDA, your mental and physical performance can be reduced by up to 30%
  • As the weather gets warmer, your requirements will increase. Simply call drinkworks and we will deliver your additional bottles within 24 hours
  • drinkworks will also supply you with your plastic cups

In addition, the environmental benefits include reduced electricity consumption in terms of a constantly opening and closing fridge for bottles of water as well as reduced wastage – when you fill up a glass from a bottled watercooler, you aren’t letting the tap run waiting for water cold enough to drink.

Plumbed-in Water Coolers Home Counties

Plumbed-in watercoolers (often known as ‘mains-fed’ or ‘point of use’ watercoolers) from drinkworks deliver fresh, crisp and chilled filtered water on demand.

Of exceptional benefit to offices with medium to high use (15-20+ staff), drinkworks’ plumbed-in watercoolers offer a wide range of benefits, including –

  • More cost-effective than bottled watercoolers for higher use, plus you save money on ordering bottles at the same time reducing your carbon footprint
  • The flow of filtered water is constant. You will never run out, even during hot summers
  • All drinkworks watercoolers are fitted with filters that filter out 99% of chlorine, herbicides, pesticides and any particulate that may be present in older pipes
  • There are no heavy water bottles to be carried or stored
  • The plumbed-in watercoolers are stylish, compact, unobtrusive and robust and are suitable for the vast majority of offices and reception areas
  • drinkworks takes care of plumbing, installation and configuration and we can also supply you with your plastic cups
  • The filters need to be changed every six months and we can offer you an on-going and cost-effective service contract
  • The environmental benefits include no plastic bottles and less packaging, reduced electricity consumption in terms of a constantly opening and closing fridge as well as reduced wastage – when you fill up a glass from a plumbed-in watercooler, you aren’t letting the tap run waiting for water cold enough to drink

drinkworks’ plumbed-in watercoolers need to be located within 15m of a mains supply and require a power point and an incoming water supply. An optional 10-litre tank hidden in the base of the coolers drains the drip trays and sets of an electronic alarm to let the customer know they require emptying.

Bottled Water Delivery & Water Coolers

drinkworks have been a loyal supplier for 6 years now. They’re friendly and efficient service and highly competitive prices has had us renewing our contract with them year after year. We are very happy with the service.”

Savanna Souter, Notting Hill Preparatory School

"Being a customer of drinkworks for the past year has been an absolute pleasure. All the drivers are so pleasant, helpful and efficient and we have never had a problem with a delivery not turning up or wrong orders. The service is impeccable and I would recommend drinkworks to anyone. Thanks for the excellent service."

Lauren Brophy, Helm Great Britain

"Your service is friendly and efficient, your delivery people are smart, polite and courteous and your water is chilled and refreshing keeping our residents and staff well hydrated. Nothing seems too much trouble. We are even supplied complimentary coolers for our summer garden party. We couldn’t really ask for more. Thank you."

Anne Kelly, St. Vincent’s Nursing Home

"Customer service you can rely on is very rare these days but we have no such worries with drinkworks. Their deliveries are always on time, their prices are extremely competitive and if we have any issues (very rare, we know they will get sorted with no fuss whatsoever. Thank you for the past 10 years’ service."

Vinia Majaba, Duncan Lewis Solicitors

"We have been using drinkworks to supply our mains-fed and bottled water coolers for over seven years and if the service we get continues like it has done, we will use them for another seven years!"

Paul Dowles, Cogent

"drinkworks have supplied our company with water coolers for the past six years and I would highly recommend them for their reliable and efficient service. They are friendly and professional and have always responded promptly to any servicing issues, providing our company with quality products at competitive prices."

Olivia O’Brien, 192.com

Water Coolers & Bottled Water Delivery Across London