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What Do Tennis Players Use to Hydrate?

Seeing that it is Wimbledon Tennis we thought an article about Tennis players and hydration was due. Keeping well hydrated is essential because it helps us to maintain a healthy body. However, for tennis players and other athletes, hydration is more important because they have to replace water lost through sweat. Although water plays a critical role, drinking water alone isn’t always enough, which is why we’re driving further into what tennis players use to hydrate.

Water is Key

Even though tennis players often have alternative drinks to hand, water is vital to have courtside. The reason water is drunk over any other liquid is how easily it sits in the stomach, which boosts the body’s tolerance levels. However, this doesn’t mean flavoured sports drinks aren’t beneficial, but a tennis player wouldn’t be able to put away their recommended amount of liquid through sports drinks alone.

How Much Water to Drink?

Tennis players should enter the court feeling well-hydrated, which reduces their need for water ever so slightly. Even in this scenario, the average player should be putting away around 0.29L for every 20 minutes of movement. To help you visualise this, you should know that the typical water bottle contains around 0.5L. Although this is the recommended amount, every person sweats at a different rate, which means your needs could be less or more.

What About Energy Drinks?

Energy drinks like Relentless and Red Bull aren’t recommended for use on the court because they’re extremely unhealthy and have a ton of unnecessary chemicals added, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t pros that enjoy them. However, recent years have seen a boom in “healthy” energy drinks including Sneak and G-Fuel, but this still doesn’t mean they should be used on the court. After all, when a tennis player has too much caffeine, it leads to dehydration.

What do Pro Tennis Players Drinks?

If you’ve ever watched the Wimbledon Tennis Championship, you’ll see many players drinking coloured liquids and may have wondered what they’re drinking. Alongside a steady supply of water, whether that be from Bottle Water Coolers or a freshly opened bottle, pro tennis players drink a healthy concoction of essential vitamins to replenish electrolytes.  These drinks don’t usually taste that great, but it’s what’s inside that’s more important.

Tennis players consume a lot of energy-replenishing drinks, which is why it’s best to make sure natural ingredients are used. Professional sports drinks contain calcium, carbs, magnesium, and potassium to facilitate water and energy recovery. Seeing as these elements are lost during the sweat cycle and while burning energy, tennis players need to top up their levels and stay at the top of their game.

Professional tennis players have access to expert nutritionists, which is why they have custom-made formulas to drink. Given most people don’t have this luxury, you can settle for store-bought options from the likes of Ultima and Nuun.

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