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Why You Should Provide Water for Your Employees in Your Office

9th December 2023

By DrinkWorks

In today’s fast-paced corporate landscape, where every advantage counts, employers are increasingly recognising the importance of prioritising the well-being of their workforce. One often overlooked yet essential aspect is the provision of water within the office environment.  In this article, we delve into the reasons why employers should actively encourage and facilitate proper hydration for…

Benefits of Having a Water Cooler at Home

10th November 2023

By DrinkWorks

Having a water cooler at home offers many benefits that can improve your health, productivity, and overall quality of life. With more people working from home offices, water coolers are becoming increasingly popular for residential spaces. Read on to learn why you should consider getting a water cooler for your home or home office. Hiring…

Is Hard Water Bad for You?

12th October 2023

By DrinkWorks

Is hard water bad for you? This question has been asked millions of times, but what’s the answer? Is it really that different when compared to soft water? Your health and the health of those around you will always be a top priority. It is important to know that what you are drinking is reliable,…

Is Filtered Water Good for You?

13th September 2023

By DrinkWorks

We all know we need water – without it, we die – but the quality of the water we drink can affect us in many different ways. Since there are numerous options for drinking water available, it’s a good idea to consider what’s best for both our health and our wallets. Filtered water is a…

How Does a Water Cooler Work?

12th August 2023

By DrinkWorks

For many people, the water cooler is more than just an office staple – it’s a hub of conversation and hydration. But have you ever paused mid-sip and wondered just how this device keeps your water so refreshingly cold? Water coolers, though seemingly simple, have a rather clever system. They are specially designed to ensure…

What Do Tennis Players Use to Hydrate?

12th July 2023

By DrinkWorks

Seeing that it is Wimbledon Tennis we thought an article about Tennis players and hydration was due. Keeping well hydrated is essential because it helps us to maintain a healthy body. However, for tennis players and other athletes, hydration is more important because they have to replace water lost through sweat. Although water plays a…

Maintaining your Bottled Water Cooler

22nd April 2023

By Nigel Adlington

Bottled water coolers are an excellent way to provide clean and refreshing water to your family or employees. However, to get the best use from your water cooler, it is essential to keep it in good condition. In this blog post, we will provide tips on how to maintain and keep your bottled water cooler…

Water Fountains vs Bottled Water Dispensers: Which One Is Better for the Office?

12th April 2023

By Nigel Adlington

Hydration in the workplace is paramount for productivity and overall well-being. So, to provide access to clean drinking water, offices often deliberate between two primary options: water fountains and bottled water dispensers. We will present a comparison between water fountains and bottled water dispensers to determine which option is best for office environments. What is…

The Importance of Drinking Naturally Filtered Spring Water

25th March 2023

By Nigel Adlington

Water is essential to life, and it’s crucial to drink enough water to keep our bodies hydrated and healthy. However, not all water is created equal, and the quality of the water we drink is just as important as the quantity. While tap water is widely available and convenient, it can contain harmful contaminants that…