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Benefits of Having a Water Cooler at Home

Glass of Water

Having a water cooler at home offers many benefits that can improve your health, productivity, and overall quality of life. With more people working from home offices, water coolers are becoming increasingly popular for residential spaces. Read on to learn why you should consider getting a water cooler for your home or home office.

Hiring Water Coolers for the Home or Home Office

Rather than purchasing a water cooler outright, many people choose to hire one. Hiring gives you the flexibility to test out different models before committing to buy. It also means you won’t be stuck with a water cooler if your needs change. Most hire contracts allow you to upgrade to a different model at any time.

Water delivery services make hiring a water cooler easy. When you rent a cooler, bottled water delivery is usually included. The provider will deliver full water bottles on a regular schedule and remove the empties. This saves you the hassle of having to lug heavy water bottles from the shop. It also ensures you never run out of fresh, filtered water.

Most water delivery services offer both 13 litre and 19 litre bottle options. The larger bottles are better for busier offices. Opt for the smaller 13 litre bottles if it’s just for home use.

Bottled Water Delivery in London

If you live in London, there are numerous bottled water delivery companies to choose from. Many specialise in office water coolers but also cater to residential clients. When comparing providers, look for one that offers:

  • Flexible delivery schedules (including evenings and weekends)
  • A choice of bottle sizes
  • An extensive cooler rental selection
  • Prompt maintenance and repairs
  • Free installation and returns
  • Competitive prices with no hidden fees

Choosing the Right Water Cooler

Not all water coolers are equal. Even basic models have varying features that affect convenience and efficiency. Consider these factors when selecting a home water cooler:

  • Space – Measure where you plan to put the cooler to ensure it fits. Countertop or free standing options are more compact.
  • Capacity – Cooler capacity is based on the number of litres of cold water it can hold. Larger capacities keep more water chilled and ready.
  • Filtration – Many coolers have built-in water filters. This improves the taste of the water and removes impurities.
  • Temperature settings – Good coolers let you adjust the cold water temperature. Look for multiple settings.
  • Energy efficiency – Modern coolers use less energy. Look for Energy Star certified models. Also check if the cooler has eco temperature settings.
  • Style – While functionality matters most, also consider the cooler’s design. It should fit your home or office decor.

For a water cooler with a sleek and timeless design, go for the B1 TR. It even has an ‘Inside-Out’ cooling probe which eliminates condensation and helps conserve energy. If you’re looking for something a bit simpler, consider the Skye Water Cooler, a simplistic white model suitable for both 13 litre and 19 litre bottle refills.

Benefits of Having a Home Water Cooler

Here are some of the best reasons to get a water cooler for your home or home office:

Increased Water Intake

Having filtered cold water always available makes it easier to drink more. This has clear health benefits, including improved hydration.

Healthier than Tap Water

Tap water often contains traces of contaminants like lead and chlorine. A water cooler removes these impurities through filtration.

Chilled Water on Demand

There is no need to refill pitchers or wait for water to cool. Enjoy fresh chilled water instantly whenever you want.

Cost Savings

While there is a rental fee, home delivery coolers can cost less per litre than bottled water from the shop. You also eliminate plastic bottle waste.

Boosts Productivity

Easy access to water keeps you energised and focused. This is especially helpful when working from a home office.


Having a supply of water bottles delivered takes the hassle out of shopping and transporting heavy loads. Changing the bottles is quick and easy.


Using a water cooler reduces plastic waste and your carbon footprint. Filtered water also cuts down on the energy used to produce bottled water.

Having fresh, chilled water always at your fingertips provides unmistakable benefits. The convenience of water delivery makes owning a home water cooler easy. Simplify your life and improve your health by bringing one into your personal living spaces or home office.