Bottled Water Delivery & Orders

Once you become a customer of Drinkworks we will set up your account and allocate you to a scheduled delivery day based upon your post code. This will stay the same day of each week unless you have and urgent request and we need to bring your order forward. Orders can be tailored-made to suit your requirements. This can be set up on our automated system where we will deliver an amount of bottles every week, fortnightly or monthly based upon your consumption and your storage space. This amount can be changed on the day when the driver turns up. You may want to decrease the number if you have a few left in stock or you might like to increase the amount.

Email Prompts

Alternatively we can send out email prompts 2 days before delivering in your area asking if you require water on that date. Should you need to place an order you just need to respond with your order or ignore the email if nothing required. Some customers are not heavy users and prefer to phone in their orders once they have put their last bottle on, allowing time for us to deliver. Our minimum order is 3 bottles in any given delivery as we don’t charge for delivery. We must always collect empty bottles as these are recycled.

Drivers use handheld androids whilst completing their deliveries which customers can see the amount of bottles delivered and empties collected before signing. A POD can be automatically sent via email the following morning once the driver has uploaded his deliveries.

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