Water Coolers - Industrial Sector

Making sure you hydrate your workforce and having water freely available has been proven to lower accident rates. Dehydration can lead to poor decision making and slow thinking. Cognitive performance is effected quickly and as you will be aware this can impact productivity and safety. Environments such as warehouse and factories can be dangerous places, so anything that can improve focus and productivity while reducing accidents has to be a good thing for all involved. Having a hydrated workforce benefits you greatly.

Convenience and Access

Providing water via water dispensers means you can get water to the right places within your factory or warehouse to make it easily accessible for all. Often regular tapped water might be in a difficult place to access easily for your workforce. If you do not provide water that is easily accessible this can encourage your workforce to only source water during break times and therefore become dehydrated.

Long Term & Short Term Hire

We have been supplying and working closely with the industrial sector providing water solutions for a number of years and are always available to give free advice on the correct solution for your workforce and environment. From Bottled Water Coolers to Plumbed in Hot & Cold Water Dispensers we have the right solution.

Water Dispenser Maintanence

We offer egular maintenance contracts to maintain food and hygiene standards expected within this sector. Please call about our water dispenser service packages.

Free Delivery & Installation

We offer *free delivery and installation of your water dispensers

Some Benefits When Using Plumbed In Water Coolers

  • More cost-effective than bottled watercoolers for higher use, plus you save money on ordering bottles at the same time reducing your carbon footprint
  • The flow of filtered water is constant. You will never run out, even during hot summers
  • There are no heavy water bottles to be carried or stored
  • Less Waste

Plumbed-in watercoolers (often known as ‘mains-fed’ or ‘point of use’ watercoolers) from drinkworks deliver fresh, crisp and chilled filtered water on demand.

Read more about our Plumbed-in watercoolers

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