At drinkworks, we pride ourselves on the quality of our after-care service. It’s rare for our customers to report any problems with the coolers or bottles but on occasion, issues do manifest themselves and we will respond quickly and efficiently.

There’s no water coming out of the tap
The obvious answer is that the bottle is empty and needs to be replaced.
You may also have a wet air filter so here are the steps you need to take –

  1. Remove the bottle and if there is a build-up of water around the probe, empty the water out by pulling the top plate up and out using the finger holes on the inside of the rim
  2. Place the top plate back and remove the white cap (air filter) that sits on the outer rim to the back of the top plate. There will be a small whole left where you have removed the air filter.
  3. Place the bottle back on the cooler without the air filter, being careful not to break the valve in the cap on the bottle. If this has already happened from removing the bottle, we advise that you use another bottle.
  4. Test the taps and you should now have instant flow.
  5. The air filter now needs to dry out and can be put back in when the next bottle is changed over. Slide the cover of the air filter and shake any excess water out. Place on a radiator or window sill to dry overnight or until you next change a bottle.
  6. The bottles need to be placed vertically downwards onto the probe of the cooler to avoid breaking the valve on the cap which will avoid this problem.
The cold water isn’t as cold (or as hot) as it’s supposed to be

Check the cooler is plugged in at the socket and is switched on and check the power cable at the back of the cooler is fully engaged. After excessive and constant use, the cooler may take a few minutes to come back to optimum temperature. You can also check the cooler’s thermostat to make sure it hasn’t been adjusted.
There is water all over the floor

Either the drip-tray is full and needs emptying or the bottle has a leak or a small crack. If the bottle is leaking, we will replace it free. Carefully replace the faulty bottle with a new one and we will collect it on our next delivery.
The water bottle appears to have gone green

This is caused by the cooler being in direct sunlight and is no cause for alarm. If the coolers are kept in shaded areas, this issue will never arise.
The water tastes ‘funny’

There are two easy explanations for this. First the water may not yet be chilled properly and second, if your water cooler has been cleaned or sanitised within the last few days, there may be a slight residue left in the pipes. Rest assured it’s not harmful in any way, simply flush the pipes through the taps for a minute or so and it should be back to normal.
The water cooler makes an odd noise

During the heating or chilling process, some coolers make emit a low-level noise, much the same as your fridge at home. This is a perfectly normal part of the process and will stop after a few minutes.

If you do have an issue with your drinkworks water cooler but if you can’t find what you’re looking for on this page, call 020 8429 1314 or email

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