Watercoolers for the Leisure Sector

Drink-Works, supply water coolers, bottled water and Coffee Machines to a number of clients within the Leisure sector in and around London. Hydration is always important but within the Leisure Industry of course keeping well hydrated is very important especially in gymnasiums and health clubs / spas.

Often the best solutions are plumbed-in watercoolers due to the volume that can be consumed, with customers often in need of water and possibly filling water bottles. Volumes vary greatly and we can advise on the best solution to suit your needs. We can install your water cooler with minimal disruption to the every day running of your business. drinkworks’ plumbed-in watercoolers need to be located within 15m of a mains supply and require a power point and an incoming water supply. An optional 10-litre tank hidden in the base of the coolers drains the drip trays and sets off an electronic alarm to let the customer know they require emptying.

Some Benefits When UsingPlumbed In Water Coolers

  • More cost-effective than bottled watercoolers for higher use, plus you save money on ordering bottles at the same time reducing your carbon footprint
  • The flow of filtered water is constant. You will never run out, even during hot summers
  • All drinkworks watercoolers are fitted with filters that filter out 99% of chlorine, herbicides, pesticides and any particulate that may be present in older pipes
  • There are no heavy water bottles to be carried or stored

Plumbed-in watercoolers (often known as ‘mains-fed’ or ‘point of use’ watercoolers) from drinkworks deliver fresh, crisp and chilled filtered water on demand.

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