Bottled Water Coolers

Bottled watercoolers from drinkworks are the perfect addition to any office and the benefits of a state-of-the-art bottled watercooler from drinkworks are immediate –

  • Bottled water from a natural spring drawn deep beneath the Warwickshire countryside tastes fresher, cleaner and crisper than tap water
  • drinkworks’ bottled watercoolers can be located anywhere in the office without the need for mains plumbing
  • No chemicals are used to filter drinkworks’ bottled water, just 90m of underground natural rock strata
  • drinkworks’ bottled watercoolers are fully portable and can be moved to a different location in the office with ease
  • Employees who drink the recommended daily amount of water are more productive, healthier and take less sick days
  • If you drink up to 10% less than the RDA, your mental and physical performance can be reduced by up to 30%
  • As the weather gets warmer, your requirements will increase. Simply call drinkworks and we will deliver your additional bottles within 24 hours
  • drinkworks will also supply you with your plastic cups

In addition, the environmental benefits include reduced electricity consumption in terms of a constantly opening and closing fridge for bottles of water as well as reduced wastage – when you fill up a glass from a bottled watercooler, you aren’t letting the tap run waiting for water cold enough to drink.

Oasis Quartz
The Oasis Quarrtz is an ergonomically designed bottled water cooler available in a range of colours and custom finishes. READ MORE
Oasis RFX
Available in a range of stylish colour options, the Oasis RFX is one of our most popular bottled water coolers. READ MORE
Oasis Tall RR
The Oasis Tall RR is a sleek, low profile bottled water cooler perfect for any corporate environment. READ MORE
Winix 7 Series
The Winix 7 Series is a drinkworks classic, offering all the functionality at an outstanding price point. READ MORE

drinkworks has a comprehensive range of stylish, unobtrusive free-standing bottled watercoolers to rent or buy for all budgets from the world’s leading manufacturers. Click through to the individual product descriptions to read about them in more detail, then call 020 8429 1314 or email us using the form on the contact us page to discuss costs and delivery options.

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